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healthy eating author - Terri

I am a wife, a homeschooling mother, a seeker of truth. I question conventional thinking and strive to live life on my own terms, not defined by anyone else.

For over ten years, I've studied thousands of health articles and research reports, which has led me to these two conclusions:

  1. The USDA and other governmental agencies are too influenced by politics and economic interests to give us accurate, unbiased healthy eating information, and
  2. Eating a healthy, whole food diet can eradicate our modern-day, man made, preventable plagues: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

I believe we can all take responsibility for our own health. To that end, I created It's about improving lives ...

My life.

My family's lives.

My friends' lives.

And now your life.

This website is my attempt to help you along on your healthy eating journey as I continue mine. To spread truthful, unbiased healthy eating information. I, personally, use the information I publish here every day to care for my children, my husband, and myself.

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