Healthy Eating Plan - Diet Guidelines,
Food Tips, and Yummy Recipes

Follow this 3-step healthy eating plan to boost your energy levels and help you lose weight. Learn healthy diet guidelines, get good food tips, find yummy recipes, and discover the best superfoods.

Healthy eating guidelines can be so complicated. Servings, calories, grams ... Who has time for all that?

Plus, every week, some new “expert” reveals a new “secret” that contradicts what last week's expert said. And to top it all off, nothing works, it's hard, and diet food tastes like cardboard!

Sound familiar?

Don't worry, friend. I've been there, too.

Ten years ago, suffering from a debilitating lack of energy and a 15-pound post-pregnancy bulge that just wouldn't budge, I started getting really worried about the direction my health was headed. If I felt this bad at 25, how bad would I feel at 45? 55? 65?!

I didn't want to find out.

I must have tried just about everything to turn things around:

  • The USDA's dietary guidelines
  • Low calorie diet plan
  • Low fat diet plans
  • Acai berry diet plan
  • Dairy free diet
  • Gluten free diet plan
  • Gfcf diet
  • Vegan diet plan
  • Raw foods diet
  • Whole food diet
  • Juice fasting
  • More supplements than I can remember
  • Hours of exercise -- At one point I was exercising for an hour at a time, four times a day!
  • And on and on and on ...

Some worked great, others ... not so much.

Based on ten years of diligent information gathering, real-life experience, and trial and error, I finally pieced together some healthy eating guidelines to boost energy levels, help me lose weight, and lead to real, true health. I kept the best advice and dumped the rest.

Once I emerged from the brain fog, I felt compelled to share my solution with others facing the same problem. How could I not? If you crave more energy and better health, I offer this plan for you here.

You don't have to waste years of your life searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack like I did. I'll lend you my experience, so you can start feeling better today.

Good Health Starts with a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is three times more important than exercise for quick weight loss. Eating healthy and losing weight go hand in hand. Healthy food gives you energy for effective exercise and sets the stage for all other aspects of your health, so start your recipe for health with this most essential ingredient: a healthy diet.

Here's Your 3-Step No-muss, No-fuss Healthy Eating Plan

Step 1: End “dieting” forever with these simple-to-remember healthy eating guidelines.

Step 2: Supercharge your whole body with the top superfoods (super energy boosters!).

Step 3: Healthy food should taste good! Choose some healthy recipes, and enjoy yummy, mouth-watering, nutritious food.

Your new life starts now. Take a serving of health. Then, come back for seconds. Yes, you can have more health!

  • Feel younger.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Lose weight.
  • Avoid diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Have beautiful, glowing skin and hair.

Banish Burnout

Do you need help staying motivated to eat healthily? Do you sometimes forget why you even bother, why you make the effort at all? Everyone gets burned out every now and again. Think of me as your Healthy Eating Motivator, the friendly voice of experience helping you along the way (and kicking you in the backside a little bit when you need it, too ;)

Healthy Diet Tips

Read something related to health and nutrition every day to keep your mind focused on eating a healthy diet. The more you think about it, the more you will be inclined to actually do it. To that end ...

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Now, a new day is dawning. Take a deep breath. Smile. You're on your way to a longer, healthier life. Let's get started ...

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